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We’ve created a unique visual system and strategy across the wide existing spectrum of visible mobile applications and found yourself in a wide, straggling with wainscots.


Rebuild a unified visual system for the advertising agency, made of steel which can change the world in a while.

  • Strategy

    Brand, UX Strategy

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, Art Direction

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Our Latest Project

Driving Digital Innovation at Carrefour Label'Vie: Frontline Expert Team

How to drive digital innovation and accelerate the digital transformation journey for Carrefour Label’Vie?

The Situation
– Carrefour Label’Vie sought to embark on a digital transformation journey.
– They needed qualified resources and agile methodologies to support the transformation.
– The goal was to reduce time-to-market for digital products and gain a competitive edge in the retail market.

The Approach
– Mobiblanc collaborated with Carrefour Label’Vie in an agile transformation partnership.
– A skilled team comprising CTOs, solution architects, developers, and other experts was deployed.
– Delivery processes were automated, and cutting-edge technologies were leveraged.
– The focus was on accelerating digital innovation and achieving business priorities.

The Business Impact
– The digital transformation journey at Carrefour Label’Vie gained significant momentum.
– Time-to-market for digital products was drastically reduced, enhancing their competitiveness.
– The skilled Frontline Expert Team played a crucial role in driving successful digital initiatives.
– Carrefour Label’Vie achieved their business objectives and established a strong foothold in the digital retail landscape.

Carrefour (Label’Vie)


 1- Solution Architecture
 2- API Designer
 3- Cloud Architecture
 4- Tech Lead
 5- UX Expert
 6- Data Specialist
 7- Lead QA

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