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Financial Institutions must
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Innovative solutions for financial institutions to navigate regulations, optimize operations, and unlock new revenue streams.


Financial Services


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Fintech Capabilities

We leverage innovative technology, ingenious and agile processes to empower financial institutions, enabling them to meet evolving customer needs and drive performance and value.

Core Banking

We build intelligent, connected, and future-ready core banking systems to empower financial institutions with scalable and customer-centric solutions.


We drive payments innovation, enabling banks, payment providers, and value chain players to excel in the dynamic digital payment landscape.


We optimize credit operations, providing financial institutions with streamlined lending processes and risk management solutions.

Risk & Compliance

We leverage advanced analytics to enhance risk management and compliance for financial institutions, ensuring regulatory adherence.


We ensure customer knowledge and security through efficient KYC procedures, facilitating seamless onboarding experiences.


We pioneer InsurTech solutions, empowering financial institutions to embrace digital transformation, enhance customer engagement, and deliver innovative insurance products and services.

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Our comprehensive solutions include strategic consulting, end-to-end delivery, deep technology expertise, and seamless integration capabilities.

We empower financial institutions to deliver secure, convenient, and personalized financial services to their customers

Business Analysis & Consulting

Optimize business processes and improve efficiency through comprehensive analysis and streamlined workflows, utilizing expertise in areas such as AMOA, data migration, and core banking system overhaul.

Technology & Systems

rive digital transformation, leveraging cutting-edge technology for seamless operations and enhanced customer experiences. 
This includes expertise in M-Payment, CRM for 360° customer management, and development of digital platforms for consignment management, credit file simulation, and selfcare.

Digital Solutions

Provide strategic insights and guidance for growth, navigating market challenges and seizing opportunities. 
This includes change management expertise, architecture consulting, and the development of field intervention control platforms and mobile front-ends for financial services.

We have collaborated with leading financial institutions to deliver transformative solutions.

Our Latest Project

Transforming Arrawaj Foundation: CBS and Wallet Integration

How to accelerate digitalization and streamline core banking processes for Arrawaj Foundation?

The Situation
– Arrawaj Foundation sought to undergo a digital platform transformation.
– They needed to integrate their core banking system (CBS) with web and mobile platforms.
– The goal was to digitize key processes and establish seamless connections with partners.

The Approach
– Mobiblanc Financial Services collaborated with Arrawaj Foundation for the project.
– An agile and multidisciplinary team was assembled for the redesign.
– The core banking system was overhauled, enabling integration with web and mobile platforms.
– Continuous deployment pipelines and DevOps practices were implemented for rapid time to market.

The Business Impact
– The digital transformation empowered Arrawaj Foundation to embrace digitalization fully.
– Core banking processes became streamlined and optimized.
– Web and mobile platforms provided a seamless user experience for customers.
– Arrawaj Foundation experienced meaningful impact and growth in the digital era.

Arrawaj & MSF 

 1- CBS Integration 
 2- AMOA  
 3- Architecture
 4- DevOps
 5- QA
 6- Database Migration
 7- Change Management
 8- PMO
 9- Agile

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Valuable Partnerships

We have built strong partnerships with leading technology providers in the financial services industry, which enables us to combine our expertise with the latest technologies, ensuring that our clients have access to cutting-edge solutions.

Our partner ecosystem enhances our ability to deliver comprehensive and innovative solutions tailored to the specific needs of financial institutions.

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