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Our expertise lies in integrating disparate systems and applications, creating a unified infrastructure that streamlines operations and enhances collaboration. From legacy systems to cloud-based platforms, we ensure smooth integration across your entire IT landscape. With meticulous planning, rigorous testing, and performance optimization, our seamless deployment minimizes disruption and maximizes efficiency. Discover the power of integrated technology solutions tailored to your unique business requirements.

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Full Tech

Through our Full Tech Partnerships, we integrate solutions from carefully selected partners to provide organizations with readily available, time-to-market, and technologically proven solutions. By leveraging the expertise of our trusted partners, we offer a comprehensive range of innovative and effective technologies. This integration approach enables us to deliver rapid implementation, reducing time and costs for our clients. We ensure that our clients have access to the most advanced and reliable solutions, accelerating their digital transformation journey and driving business success.

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Business Specific

We collaborate with businesses in specific areas of expertise (Banking, Retail …) to integrate tailored solutions that meet specific requirements. By understanding the client’s unique challenges and goals, we identify the most suitable technology partners to provide proven and effective solutions. This approach allows us to offer industry-specific solutions that optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth. By leveraging our expertise and network of trusted partners, we deliver comprehensive solutions that enable businesses to thrive in their respective industries.

Driving Time-to-Market Success, Rigor & Confidence with 1st Class Partners

Our Latest Project

Transforming Arrawaj Foundation: CBS and Wallet Integration

How to accelerate digitalization and streamline core banking processes for Arrawaj Foundation?

The Situation
– Arrawaj Foundation sought to undergo a digital platform transformation.
– They needed to integrate their core banking system (CBS) with web and mobile platforms.
– The goal was to digitize key processes and establish seamless connections with partners.

The Approach
– Mobiblanc Financial Services collaborated with Arrawaj Foundation for the project.
– An agile and multidisciplinary team was assembled for the redesign.
– The core banking system was overhauled, enabling integration with web and mobile platforms.
– Continuous deployment pipelines and DevOps practices were implemented for rapid time to market.

The Business Impact
– The digital transformation empowered Arrawaj Foundation to embrace digitalization fully.
– Core banking processes became streamlined and optimized.
– Web and mobile platforms provided a seamless user experience for customers.
– Arrawaj Foundation experienced meaningful impact and growth in the digital era.

Arrawaj & MSF 

 1- CBS Integration 
 2- AMOA  
 3- Architecture
 4- DevOps
 5- QA
 6- Database Migration
 7- Change Management
 8- PMO
 9- Agile

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