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Telecoms Capabilities

We design secure and seamless mobile payment solutions, enabling your customers to conduct financial transactions conveniently

Digital Selfcare

Ignite exceptional interactions and customer-centric journeys through innovative builds and rebuilds.

Mobile Payment

Elevate customer loyalty, reduce churn, and create meaningful connections with our tailored solutions.

Market Place & Digital Commerce

Unify your brand experience, boost product visibility, and establish a single point of contact for seamless customer engagement.

Internal Apps

Embark on a transformational journey with cutting-edge IT solutions, digital engineering, and cloud infrastructure.

Customer Data Platform

WE enhance operational efficiency with Internal Apps, providing telecom operators with bespoke solutions to streamline internal processes and communication.

Identification & KYC

WE ensure secure and seamless customer interactions with Identification & KYC, empowering telecom operators to verify identities and comply with regulations while delivering exceptional user experiences.

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Our comprehensive solutions include strategic consulting, end-to-end delivery, deep technology expertise, and seamless integration capabilities.
We empower telecom companies with tailored solutions to address specific industry challenges and drive sustainable growth.

Mobile Self-Care Applications

Mobile Self-Care Applications: Empower your customers with enhanced account management and personalized services through our revamped and developed mobile self-care applications. We tailor self-care solutions for B2B and professional clients, ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience. Additionally, we specialize in creating mobile self-care applications specifically designed for African operators, catering to the unique needs of the region. 

Unified Platforms & Portals

Unified Platforms and Portals: Unify your customer, partner, and business services through our customized web portals. Our expertise lies in developing robust web and mobile platforms, particularly for Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) projects. With our unified platforms and portals, you can provide a comprehensive and user-friendly interface for accessing a wide range of services. 

Sales & Field Force Management

Sales & Field Force Management: Optimize your sales team operations with our tailored mobile applications. We design and implement mobile solutions that streamline sales processes, enhance productivity, and enable efficient field force management. Our dedicated support and maintenance services ensure the smooth functioning of sales applications used by field agents. 

Digital Transformation Enablement

Digital Transformation Enablement: Embark on a successful digital transformation journey with our collaborative approach. We partner with telecommunications companies to drive innovation and growth through digital initiatives. Our expertise in digital transformation enables us to identify opportunities, implement strategic solutions, and leverage emerging technologies to stay ahead in the evolving telecom industry.

We have partnered with leading telecom companies to deliver transformative solutions.

Our Latest Project

What led to the enhancement of customer experience in Inwi's selfcare application redesign?

How to create a “single point of contact” application for Inwi, integrating all services, and offering customers a personalized, seamless, and autonomous experience?

The Situation
– inwi, a prominent brand in Morocco, aimed to enhance its selfcare application, My Inwi.
– The existing app lacked user-friendly features and a cohesive experience.
– Inwi sought to optimize the user journey, technology architecture, and security.

The Approach
– Mobiblanc formed an Agile Squad to tackle the redesign project.
– An experiential and agile approach was adopted for continuous improvement.
– We prioritized user-centered design and conducted thorough user testing.
– The technology architecture was revamped for flexibility and speed.

The Business Impact
– The newly designed app received positive feedback and high ratings.
– Customer engagement increased significantly.
– Inwi’s reputation as a trusted brand was reinforced.
– The scalable and customer-centric process ensures continuous improvement and a sustained positive user experience for Inwi’s customers.



 1- UX 
 2- Backend Development  
 3- Mobile Development
 4- Cloud
 5- DevOps
 6- Data
 7- QA
 8- Agile
 9- Architecture
 10- Stores Management

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Valuable Partnerships

We have cultivated a strong partner ecosystem consisting of leading telecom technology providers. 

Through these strategic partnerships, we access the latest technologies and combine them with our expertise to deliver comprehensive solutions to our clients.

Our network of partners allows us to offer a wide range of telecom solutions and ensures that our clients have access to the most advanced and reliable technologies in the industry.

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