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Beyond just delivering solutions, we ensure seamless integration and successful deployment.

With a focus on efficiency, scalability, and user experience, we bring your digital initiatives to life. From project management to quality assurance, our dedicated team guarantees tangible results, on time and within budget. Trust us to execute your vision with precision and achieve operational excellence. Leave the complexities to us and experience the power of seamless delivery and implementation that drives your business forward.

Achieve flawless execution with our delivery and implementation expertise.


Captivating User
Experience Front-Ends

Creating captivating user experiences that leave a lasting impression. We blend creativity and functionality to craft intuitive and visually stunning interfaces. From seamless navigation to engaging interactions, we ensure that your users are enthralled and connected with your digital presence.

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Smart & Performant
Middle Ends

Our engineers and architects specialize in constructing robust APIs, microservices, and middleware solutions that facilitate seamless data flow across your digital ecosystem. With meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of integrations, we enable efficient communication and enhance the performance of your digital applications.

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Scalable &
Secure Back-Ends

We leverage technologies and frameworks to build scalable and secure systems, ensuring seamless integration and synchronization across multiple touchpoints. From efficient database management to robust server-side logic and system architecture, we provide a solid foundation for your digital infrastructure to thrive.

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our clients to thrive

Our Latest Project

What led to the enhancement of customer experience in Inwi's selfcare application redesign?

How to create a “single point of contact” application for Inwi, integrating all services, and offering customers a personalized, seamless, and autonomous experience?

The Situation
– inwi, a prominent brand in Morocco, aimed to enhance its selfcare application, My Inwi.
– The existing app lacked user-friendly features and a cohesive experience.
– Inwi sought to optimize the user journey, technology architecture, and security.

The Approach
– Mobiblanc formed an Agile Squad to tackle the redesign project.
– An experiential and agile approach was adopted for continuous improvement.
– We prioritized user-centered design and conducted thorough user testing.
– The technology architecture was revamped for flexibility and speed.

The Business Impact
– The newly designed app received positive feedback and high ratings.
– Customer engagement increased significantly.
– Inwi’s reputation as a trusted brand was reinforced.
– The scalable and customer-centric process ensures continuous improvement and a sustained positive user experience for Inwi’s customers.



 1- UX 
 2- Backend Development  
 3- Mobile Development
 4- Cloud
 5- DevOps
 6- Data
 7- QA
 8- Agile
 9- Architecture
 10- Stores Management

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